Home Sweet Home Sofas & Living Accident Damage Warranty (ADW) Terms & Conditions

At Home Sweet Home Sofa’s & Living we are confident in the quality of our leather, fabric, marble, Outdoor, timber, stone and concrete furniture. If you take good care of your furniture, including its upholstery and surface coverings, and use the products we provide, it should last for a long time, and resist stains and damage.

This Accident Damage Warranty (ADW) may only be purchased at the same time you purchase your new Home Sweet Home Sofa’s & Living fabric, leather, timber, outdoor, concrete, marble and stone furniture. This warranty will only apply if it is purchased with your new furniture. The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser, at the original delivery address as state on your invoice and is not transferable to a new ownership. T

he Accident Damage Warranty (ADW)covers you against accidental stains and damage listed in clause 9 and is the first step in protecting and maintaining your new furniture. By correctly looking after your new purchase and by using the approved products that come with your ADW, you can enjoy many years of stress-free comfort. Under the ADW, if accidental stains or damage occurs to the furniture covered by your ADW, you may be entitled to:

• A repair/ clean on the affected area of your furniture;

• A refund of the cost of your Accident Damage Warranty; Please read the terms and conditions below which set out the circumstances in which you will be entitled to the protection described above.

Terms and Conditions Details When you purchase our Accident Damage Warranty, you will be provided with a Care Cover care kit containing the following products:

For leather upholstered furniture (Leather Upholstery Care Kit):

•leather cleaner 250mL

• leather protection gel 250mL

• microfibre cloth For Fabric upholstered furniture (Fabric Upholstery Care Kit):

• fabric spot cleaner 250mL

• fabric protector 250mL

• microfibre cloth For Timber furniture (Timber Care Kit):

• indoor timber cleaner 250mL

• indoor timber protective cream 250mL

• microfibre cloth

For Marble, Stone or Concrete furniture:

• Concrete Marble, Granite Protection Shield 500ml For outdoor:

• fabric spot cleaner 250mL


1. The care products provided by Care Cover Pty Ltd are to be used to clean and care for your furniture and are part of the ADW.

2. The care products should be applied in accordance with the instructions on each label. The furniture must be cared for and maintained during the term of the APW in accordance with the care instructions for that product. Every reasonable precaution should be taken to avoid accidental stains or damage.

3. The use of any other cleaner, protector and/or care products on the furniture other than those comprising these Care Systems will immediately invalidate the APW. It should be noted that the Leather Care System is suitable for finished leathers only, and is not suitable for nubuck, suede and other unfinished leathers and should NOT be used on them.

4. Home Sweet Home Sofa’s & Living reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time. The most current terms and conditions are available on our website at: www.homesweethomeonline.com.au

5. The Accident Damage Warranty (ADW) is applicable for the personal use of furniture/items in a domestic situation and is for indoor use exclusively.

6. Furniture used in a commercial setting is not covered under this plan.

7. This plan is valid only for the original purchaser and is not transferrable. Home Sweet Home Sofas & Living will, at its discretion, clean or repair the part of the furniture that is accidentally damaged or stained within the warranty period, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

8. The term of this ADW is for 5 years of the date your new furniture is delivered. What is Covered

9. Product Warranty Inclusions:


Fabric and Leather Lounges: Accidental Stains:

• Drinks and food

• Ballpoint pens, markers and crayons Accidental Damage:

• Rips to leather or fabric upholstery


Timber Furniture Accidental Stains:

• Drinks and food ,Ballpoint pens, markers and crayons Accidental Damage

• Light Surface scratches Marble: Accidental Stains:

• Drinks and food

• Ballpoint pens

• Markers and crayons Accidental Damage

• Light surface scratches made to the polyurethane layer


Outdoor Accidental Stains:

• Drinks and food

• Ballpoint pens

• Markers and crayons Accidental Damage

• Light Surface scratches to wood or metal


Concrete Accidental Stains:

• Drinks and food

• Ballpoint pens

• Markers and crayons


10. If any accidental damage or stain should occur, you should quickly attend to it by following the instructions on the care product labels. Stains: Are those marks that cannot be removed by using the care products provided. In the event of an incident causing mark/s, the mark/s should be cleaned in accordance with the instructions provided on the care product. A claim should only be lodged when Page 2 of 6 the mark/s cannot be removed by following the directions on the care products provided. When spot cleaning, care must be taken to prevent water marks from developing. Water marks are not covered under the ADW.

10(a). Water Marks: A Water Mark is the term given to describe the dark ring that sometimes forms around the area that was made wet on a fabric after it has attempted to be cleaned. It is usually a result of a build-up of grime within the fabric that has been carried by the water or cleaning liquid as it spreads out from the point of application. To avoid this, the furniture/item should be periodically professionally cleaned so that there is no grime in the fabric to form a watermark. When spot cleaning, spray an even mist of cleaning fluid onto a clean microfibre cloth. Using the moistened micro-fibre cloth, lightly dab out the mark, over and to the outer edges of the affected area. Then gently dab and twist motion over the same area with a clean cloth, eliminating the hard divide between the wet and the dry parts of the fabric. For further assistance on this process, contact our customer service team at customercare@homesweethomeonline.com.au

11. If using the care products cannot resolve an issue, you must submit a completed claim within five (5) business days of it occurring. A claim can be made via our website www.homesweethomeonline.com.au. See Item 22 for all information necessary for claims and a claim cannot be processed without these. If you require assistance with submitting a claim, contact our customer service team at customercare@homesweethomeonline.com.au

12. How to make a claim Make a claim via www.homesweethomeonline.com.au. The information requested in the claim are required for processing of your claim. The details required will include the following:

• Your name & contact details

• Your purchase receipt

• Clear photographs of the damaged furniture/item

13. If there is no access to an authorised representative within a reasonable distance (50km) of the customer’s location, the furniture will need to be transported to the closest authorised representative at the customer’s cost. In some geographical areas, claims may take longer to process than normal.

14. For distances over 50km from the nearest authorised representative, the customer is responsible for the cost of either the authorised representative’s travel or the transportation of the damaged furniture, whichever is the retailers preferred option.

15. If the stain or damage cannot be removed or repaired to a reasonable standard, the retailer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to: a) Refund the cost of the ADW which amount is calculated on a pro-rata basis. For example, if a refund is offered 2 years into the 5 year term of the warranty, 60% of the cost of the warranty will be refunded, as 40% of the warranty term as been used and passed. A refund of the cost of the ADW terminates the ADW.

16. The ADW is limited to one (1) claim for the covering material of your furniture within the terms and conditions of the ADW.

17. The retailer’s liability is limited to a maximum of the actual purchase price of the damaged furniture piece. Page 3 of 6

18. In some circumstances, when the furniture is too dirty to enable a suitable repair, the retailer may require the furniture to be professionally cleaned at the owner’s expense, prior to a repair taking place. The furniture must be in a condition that permits repairs. What Is Not Covered

19. Accident Damage Warranty Exclusions. ADW claims are limited to genuine accidents that occur to the surface of the furniture.

20. Accident Damage Warranties do not cover pre-existing damage, which is damage occurring before delivery of the furniture or before the purchase of the Warranty.

21.1. The retailer, it’s partners or affiliates, are not responsible for damage to the furniture resulting from:

a) The customer’s failure to pre-test the care products in accordance with the instructions.

b) Abuse, repetition, neglect or a malicious, deliberate act whether by human or animal, and other factors including sunlight, fading, storm, tempest, lightning, fire, flooding, explosion, earthquake, aircraft or other vehicle impact or by the use or treatment of the furniture in a way that is not normally intended.

c) Fraud or misrepresentation of any kind.

d) Damage or stains accumulating over time.

e) Water only spills or Water marks (see section 10(a) for a more detailed explanation of water marks)

f) A claim made against the manufacturer or an insurance company.

g) Damage caused by normal wear and tear including damage due to soiling from perspiration, body or hair oils and treatments, medication, fading or loss of colour, impregnation by other dyes or the giving off an odour or pungent smell.

h) Dye transfer from other materials or clothing.

i) Structural faults or faults arising from the manufacturing process.

j) Flaws, pre-existing faults, defects or issues resulting in manufacturer recalls in leathers or fabrics, or the use of poor quality materials by the manufacturer.

k) Issues such as peeling and cracking, tearing, pilling and fraying that arise due to the quality of the materials or failure to properly maintain the product.

l) Transportation, freight or installation.

m) Delivery or during shipment of the furniture.

n) Rodents/ insects or undomesticated wildlife/animals.

o) Mould or mildew.

p) Unknown stains.

q) Stains or damage from pets or other animals

r) Burns including but not limited to cigarette Burns

s) Human or animal bodily fluids

t) Sagging or softening to the cushioning of lounges

u) Stretching of Fabric/Leather

v) Creases made to leather/fabric

21.2. The ADW does not extend to any loss or damage to a person or property directly or indirectly arising from the use or inability to use the item or care products.

21.3. The ADW does not exclude or restrict any condition or warranty imposed or implied by any consumer legislation in Australia, often referred to as the ACL 2010 that is governed under commonwealth legislation.

21.4. The ADW does not cover damage caused by moving the furniture either from house to house, or room to room or any other mode of moving the furniture where it can be deemed that this is the most likely cause of damage.

21.5. The ADW does not cover damage to internal frames, mechanisms, cushion interiors, zippers, stitching or dust covers.

21.6. The ADW does not cover odour or smell resulting from incidents or accidents.

How to make a claim

22. If you would like to make a claim under this warranty, you:

a) Must notify us within 5 days after the stain or damage appears. Leaving stained and damaged furniture without attention can aggravate the problem, so if you notify us outside the 5 days, we may decline the benefit of this warranty if the problem has been aggravated as a result; and

b) Submit a claim form that can be found on our website at www.homesweethomeonline.com.au or

c) contact our customer service team at: customercare@homesweethomeonline.com.au

Once a claim has been lodged with our customer service department, we will assess your claim, and respond within 7 days.

Delivery costs in respect of services provided under this warranty will only be provided to you at no cost if you live within 100km of your nearest authorised repairer providing you have not moved from the original delivery address as stipulated on your invoice. If you live outside of this 100km radius, you will need to organise and pay all costs in relation to the delivery of your furniture to and from your nearest authorised repairer for any services performed under this warranty, including any delivery costs for replacement furniture.


Abuse: Improper use, mistreatment, to use in a way that is harmful or not the intended manner for which the item was designed.

Accident: An unexpected event which occurs suddenly resulting in damage and could not reasonably have been anticipated or prevented.

Incident: A single occurrence that results in damage to the furniture/item.

Neglect: Failure to take reasonable care of or to look after the furniture/item. Failure to protect the furniture/item from likely damage. Disregard of duty of care resulting from carelessness or indifference.

Repetition: More than two occurrences of the same or similar type.

Poor Quality Materials: Materials that are not of sufficient strength or durability to withstand the normal expected, non-abusive use of the furniture/item.

Pro-Rata Basis: How the amount of a refund of the warranty is calculated, based on the percentage of time lapsed of the 5 year term.

Reasonable Standard: Repairs are not guaranteed to return the damaged furniture/item to new condition but are to be assessed as being appropriate for the situation, usual in the circumstances, fair, adequate, sensible and judged using common sense.

Wear and Tear: Damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal wear, aging or deterioration from the customer’s general and ordinary use during a period of time.

Privacy Policy

Home Sweet Home in accordance with the Privacy Act of Australia will deal with the information for this Accident Product Warranty and any information collected by Home Sweet Home Sofa’s & Living or its service providers, from customers only to administer the Accident Product Warranty, and to service customer claims. A copy of our privacy policy can be found on our website at www.homesweethomeonline.com.au