At Home Sweet Home, we have complete faith in the exceptional quality of our furniture. With proper maintenance and care, the furniture you purchase from us will last a long time and be safeguarded against stains and damage. 

1. By purchasing this Extended Warranty, the Purchaser is guaranteed extended coverage of the furniture well beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. There are two options for the Extended Warranty Package: the Gold Tier and the Platinum Tier. Each package has a different coverage as outlined below.

2. This Extended Warranty is only applicable to products that will be delivered. Pickups will void this policy.

3. This Extended Warranty may only be purchased before delivery of the product to the purchaser's address. It also only applies to the original Purchaser and is not transferable.  

4. This Extended Warranty is provided in addition to:

4.1. our Standard Warranty against defects under the Home Sweet Home Standard Warranty, which can be viewed on; and, 

4.2. other rights and remedies available to the Purchaser under the Australian Consumer Law.

5. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. To see details of your consumer rights, visit 


6. Home Sweet Home Group of Companies (herein shall be referred to as "Home Sweet Home") reserves the right to update or change the terms and conditions regularly or at any time. 


7. We provide this Home Sweet Home Extended Warranty on the conditions specified here. The Purchaser is responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions below. 



8. Home Sweet Home warrants that all goods supplied by us will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of twelve months from the date of purchase.

9. Should a warranty claim be made, we reserve the right to inspect the goods. Depending on the findings of the inspection, Home Sweet Home reserves the right to replace, repair or issue a credit note to the Purchaser. For additional details regarding this, refer to the "HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM" section of this document.

10. Upon delivery of Goods, the Purchaser must inspect the Goods and sign the acceptance of delivery. Once the Goods are signed for, we assume that the Purchaser is satisfied with the Goods and Home Sweet Home will not be liable for any future damage claims. 

11. The Purchaser must notify us by submitting a claim through our customer care form found here within 24 hours of delivery of any faults, defects, damages or inconsistency with the quantity, quality, description or quotation in respect of the Goods delivered. 

If the Purchaser fails to comply with this clause, the Goods will be deemed to be free of any defect and the Purchaser is deemed to have waived any right of claim in respect of the Goods under this clause.


12. This Extended Warranty covers the following as outlined below:






Lounges – Fabric or Leather 

  • 1 year – material, fabric, synthetics, and leather 
  • 1 year – electrics, motor parts 
  • 3 years – mechanism 
  • 5 years – frame structural warranty
  • 3 years – material, fabric, synthetics, or leather 
  • 4 years – electrics, motor parts 
  • 4 years – mechanism 
  • 10 years – frame structural warranty
  • 5 years – material, fabric, synthetics, and leather 
  • 5 years – electrics, motor parts 
  • 5 years – mechanism 
  • 20 years – frame structural warranty 


  • 1 year – timber products 
  • 1 year – bed slats 
  • 3 years – timber products 
  • 3 years – bed slats 
  • 5 years – timber products 
  • 10 years – bed slats 


  • 1 year total coverage 
  • 3 years total coverage 
  • 5 years total coverage 


13. This Extended Warranty does not cover accidental or willful damage of a part or product, whether intentional or unintentionally done. Specifically, this Extended Warranty covers the following: 


13.1.1. FOR FABRIC/ LEATHER COVERINGS If the fabric or leather covering is subject to technical faults from the manufacturing process that result in abnormal or unusual wear or colour changes, then this Warranty will cover it.

13.1.2. FOR MECHANISMS Malfunctioning reclining mechanism parts including, but not limited to recliner handles, glideaways, steel springs, and flick handles. Malfunctioning lift mechanism.

13.1.3. FOR FRAME, FOAM, SEAT Loose or broken lounge/recliner feet. Arms of sofas or chairs separating from the frame. Damages to steel structural frames, wood sofa frames and steel insert frames due to natural causes. Broken or loose springs due to natural causes.

13.1.4. FOR POWER/ELECTRICAL Malfunctioning electrical parts and motors including, but not limited to USB ports, hand controls, triggers, and electrical recliner parts.


13.2.1. Timber cracking and splitting due to natural causes. 

13.2.2. Broken bed slats and side rails  

13.2.3. This Extended Warranty excludes timber in dining chairs. 


13.3.1. Natural splitting in the marble 

13.3.2. Natural peeling on the polyurethane cover over the marble. Peeling should not be caused by hot spills, marks, or accidental drops.


 14. This Extended Warranty does not cover the following: 

14.1. GENERAL: 

14.1.1. Damages unrelated to the quality of our furniture. 

14.1.2. Damages beyond our control include but are not limited to fire damage, flood damage, pest damage, acts of God, and natural disasters.

14.1.3. Damages caused by normal wear and tear.

14.1.4. Use of chemical cleaning agents detrimental to the product material. 

14.1.5. Damage caused by spills such as acids, solvents, dyes or other corrosive materials, ink, paint, or bodily fluids. 

14.1.6. Damage caused by exposure to the sun, extreme heat, or bright light. 

14.1.7. Damages to the product caused by willful acts such as bending, misuse, or negligence of the user. 

14.1.8. Damage caused by pets or native animals. 

14.1.9. Cuts from sharp objects, fading, stains, soils, burns, and accidental damages. 

14.1.10. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s product instructions or maintenance care 

14.1.11. Torn threads or loose stitching. 

 14.2. LOUNGES 

14.2.1. Stretching and sagging of material/fabric/foam/leather. Also does not cover tears, flapping of nap, pilling, fading or shrinking, and is not valid when heavy soiling or abuse is evident.

14.2.2. Body impressions 

14.2.3. Peeling of covered material or leather paint caused by certain medications including, but not limited to, some chemotherapy, blood pressure and heart medications. The residue of these medications can be excreted in perspiration and cause additional stains and damage. 

14.2.4. Replacement of spent batteries/rechargeable batteries.

14.2.5. This Extended Warranty does not cover any type of minor noise or sound in the mechanism as it is normal and is a result of general use.

14.2.6. Cords, wires, and connections are not covered by this warranty when obvious tampering or abuse is present and are only covered if the supplier deems it to be defective in workmanship or materials.

14.2.7. Frames damaged as a result of force or excess weight.

14.2.8. Recliner actions are not intended to support weights over 120 kilograms unless otherwise stated. Any weight in excess will void this warranty.

How To Make a Claim

15. To claim the Extended Warranty, the Purchaser must:

15.1. cease using the product immediately once the defect appears; and

15.2. fill out the customer care form found here;

15.3. provide Home Sweet Home with a copy of the original Sales Order or tax invoice.

16. Once a claim has been lodged, Home Sweet Home will assess the claim and respond within 5 business days.

17. Home Sweet Home reserves the right to inspect, repair, replace or give a credit note to the original purchaser of the product. In some circumstances, Home Sweet Home may require the Purchaser to provide photographic evidence or an onsite inspection to assess the claim.

18. If a part or product is determined by Home Sweet Home to have a manufacturing or material defect, Home Sweet Home will, at the discretion of Home Sweet Home, choose whether to repair, replace that part or product or issue the Purchaser with a credit note. 

19. CREDIT NOTE - A credit note is formulated by the length of time the Purchaser has the goods minus the Extended Warranty period, which becomes the percentage of the total value of the unit price sold which equals the value of the credit note. 

19.1. The formula is as follows:

Credit Note = (sale price of the item during the time of purchase) x (percentage of years left on warranty)


Percentage of Years Left on Warranty = (years guaranteed by the warranty - years Customer has the product) 


19.2. Example: A Customer has purchased a $1000 lounge with a Gold Tier Extended Warranty product. After 5 years, the Customer has lodged a warranty claim due to a loose lounge foot. Based on the guidelines outlined in section 12, the Gold Tier Extended Warranty covers this for 10 years from the date of purchase. To determine the value of the credit note:

Percentage of Years Left on Warranty = (10 years - 5 years) = 5 years which equals 50% of the credit value

Credit Note = 50% of $1000 = $500

Credit Note = $500

20. All repairs or replacement parts and/or goods will be at Home Sweet Home's expense, but the Purchaser may be liable for other expenses including, but not limited to, the cost of removal.

21. To the fullest extent permissible by law, and unless expressly stated in our standard manufacturer warranty and this Extended Warranty, Home Sweet Home has no liability to the Purchaser under the Extended Warranty (other than repair, replacement for the defective part or product, or issuance of a credit note), whether in contract, in tort (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise, for any loss or damage of any kind suffered by the Purchaser or any other person in connection with the goods including, but not limited to, indirect and consequential loss. This disclaimer is subject to any condition, warranty or right granted or implied under the Australian Consumer Law or any other law which cannot by law be excluded by agreement.

Product Care

22. Lounges

22.1. Fabric/ Material Upholstered

22.1.1. Ensure that the furniture is used as intended. Do not sit on the arms of the lounges nor pivot on the back leg of the chairs.

22.1.2. If a thread becomes loose on the fabric, do not pull it. Instead, cut the loose thread off.

22.1.3. Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate soft attachment. Avoid harsh brushing and sharp objects as it will cause snagging of threads. 

22.1.4. Do not allow pets or other animals to walk or play on fabric-upholstered furniture. 

22.1.5. Follow the unique care and cleaning instructions labelled on your fabric furniture.

22.1.6. Do not drag the lounge as this can damage the legs. Instead, lift it up when vacuuming underneath. 

22.1.7. Avoid wearing heavily dyed clothing on light coloured fabric sofas. Doing so might result in a dye transfer on your fabric lounge.

22.2. Leather/ Synthetic Upholstered

22.2.1. When cleaning your leather lounge, never use a vacuum cleaner. Instead, wipe the product down with a clean soft dry cotton cloth regularly to remove dust.

22.2.2. Apply a leather conditioner regularly as this will keep the leather from drying out, developing cracks and peeling.

22.2.3. Home Sweet Home recommends the use of Guardsman Products on our lounges. Never use any cleaning products that are not designed for leather.

22.2.4. Clean any spills immediately with a soft dry cloth.

22.2.5. Leather lounges should never be cleaned by prolonged soaking in soap or water as this can damage the leather even more than the initial stain you are trying to remove.

22.2.6. Peeling of Leather - can be caused by body oils, salts and certain medications including, but not limited to, some chemotherapy, blood pressure and heart medications. The residue of these medications can be excreted in perspiration and cause additional stains and damage.

22.2.7. Sunlight - Keep your leather out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure of furniture to direct sunlight will harm it. Direct exposure to sunlight will cause the leather to dry out, fade, and crack.

22.2.8. Avoid exposing your leather goods to high heat as it can cause cracking, peeling and discolouration.

22.2.9. Avoid wearing heavily dyed clothing with light coloured leather such as denim. This decreases the chance of dye transfer to the leather.

23. Lacquered, Painted and Raw Timber Finishes

23.1. Ensure that your furniture is used as intended. Do not sit or stand on table tops and do not pivot on the back legs of chairs.

23.2. Natural timber and veneer finishes will show distinctive variations and marking in timber nail holes, timber knots, bleeding, patches and colour variations which are evidence of being produced from genuine timber materials. Cracking may also occur due to changing environmental conditions. These are common and are not considered a fault.

23.3. Always use protective heat coverings to protect against hot objects. A tablecloth is not sufficient.

23.4. Always use coasters when placing glasses, bottles, or cups on the surface. 

23.5. Regularly clean surface by wiping with a non-abrasive, damp soft cloth.

23.6. Never close an extension table with sticky or acidic material on the surface.

23.7. Direct exposure to prolonged sunlight will cause timber products to warp.

23.8. Use a qualified non-silicone product specifically made for wooden surfaces when polishing your timber.

23.9. Don't use a feather duster as it can scratch the surface.

23.10. Never use general household chemicals to clean the product.

24. Marble, Stone, Concrete

24.1. Always use protective heat coverings for protection against hot objects. A tablecloth is not sufficient.

24.2. Always use coasters when placing glasses, bottles or cups on the surface. 

24.3. Wipe clean immediately any liquid spills. You can use a paper towel followed by a soft cloth.

24.4. Remove dirt and dust by wiping them with a warm, damp cloth.

24.5. Regularly wipe with a soft cloth that is slightly dampened using mild neutral cleaners mixed with water.

24.6. Use qualified sealing and polishing products specifically for marble or stone surfaces to preserve their look.

24.7. To reduce the risk of cracks and damage to the product, avoid dragging marble or concrete furniture.