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Paris Console Table 2 Drawers and Shelf Two Tone

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Paris Console Table 2 Drawers and Shelf Two Tone



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When you look around at your friend’s homes that have been furnished recently, you’re likely to see more use of acacia wood, rather than only seeing pine or mahogany pieces. The wood is a bit more exotic, word is spreading about this RENEWABLE  tree species.

The durability of Acacia, plus it’s resistance to water damage, are key selling points in products made from the wood, quite resistant to scratches, unlike some other wood species that show scratches more obviously.

A beautiful piece of furniture in your home from a renewable resourse that has some useful antibacterial properties. We are pleased to be offering this quality range of high end value packed products. 


                      Length - 1250mm

                       Width - 380mm

                      Height - 800mm