We know redecorating can be a challenge, but whether you need help to design an entirely new home or just don’t know which sofa to choose for a room, we're here to help. Whether you’re moving in, redecorating or just have a few questions about what goes where, our team of Home Sweet Home interior decorators can assist in store and help you find fresh, inspiring ways to make the most of your space – as well as your budget.

We find that most of our clients have some idea of what interior design styles they like but they need help to see the big picture of how much better their home could look. They need guidance to find and combine all the different elements so they work together and fit their lifestyle and budget. That’s where Home Sweet Home's Interior Decorators come in.


1. Book an appointment

To book an appointment simply fill out an online booking form or visit your nearest store. Once you have made the booking our interior decorators will be in touch within 2 business days to organise your appointment.

2. Discussion with your interior decorator

Once you’ve booked a time for your appointment, your interior decorator will organise a zoom meeting with you so they can understand the space, your existing décor and colour schemes. You can take them through your vision and important factors like lifestyle to plan your personalised decorating solution.