Streetworx is a youth charity established in 2005 devoted to helping at risk and disadvantaged youth who believe that they cannot go anywhere in life and that they must resort to using methods that society deems unacceptable. Although sometimes people can tarnish who we are as a person, it takes an extraordinary person to rise above to dream, believe, achieve.

Our Mission is to march into local communities and positively transform them through acts of love. We exist to use love as a tool to build relationships with people, groups and communities, to reach out to at high risk youth and inspire them to Dream, Believe and Achieve.

There are many young people within our communities living on the streets, struggling with everyday issues and suffering life threatening illnesses. Streetworx is a non-profit youth based Charity that not only provides funding for those less fortunate in the past, but aims to provide programs that will assist the high risk kids and those in need to gain the skills to understand the importance of education and life skills.

Streetworx has raised millions of dollars in fundraising through its events and has over two hundred volunteers. One of the events was broadcasted on Channel 10, Australia VS New Zealand Golf Skins Challenge which is the biggest Golf Charity event held in Australia. Inaugurated in 2009 the event was a great success with many notable names attending and supporting the worthy cause. Some of Streetworx supporters include Shane Warne, Jimmy Barnes, Geoff Ogilvy, Michael Campbell, John Daly, Tim Farris of INXS, Nathan Cayless, Tim Mannah, Sydney Spirit Basketball Team, Shannon Noll, Taylor and Cameron Henderson just to name a few.

About the Founder – Mr Daniele Maisano

Having grown up with no parents from a young age and having battled Cancer at the young age of 10 has given the Owner of Home Sweet Home Sofas & Living another look on life. He has worked hard all of his life and always had a vision of greatness. He became a Golf Professional at the age of 24 and enjoyed 6 years with the P.G.A. Within that time he founded a Charity called Streetworx helping at risk kids through golf, music and dance programs, and inspiring youth to Dream, Believe and Achieve. The Charity suffered hurdles through the GFC and the vision of Home Sweet Home was to make a profitable company to continue helping the Charities cause.

“I became a man at ten years of age when I developed cancer. I’ve lived on the streets. I was beaten as a kid and I’ve been in trouble with the police. I was lucky and with support was able to become a success. I have had the idea for Streetworx since I was twelve years old and having lived through the challenges a lot of these kids are facing, I have a good understanding of what they are going through and how I can best help them.”

Streetworx is helping kids to Dream, Believe and Achieve!