There’s no better feeling than pulling back your quilt covers after a long day and sinking into a new mattress. The sweetest hello and hardest goodbye, nothing will support you (or your back) as well as a good mattress can. After searching far and wide, dreaming night after night of finding the one, you’ve finally done it. Gone are the days of having an achy back and a restless night’s sleep; you’re ready for a blissful slumber.

Replacing your old mattress is an amazing feeling isn’t it? Keep that Fantastic feeling alive with our top tips to care for your mattress.

Read Your Warranty

When you purchase a new mattress take some time to read your warranty and any care instructions that are attached to your mattress. With proper care, the life of your mattress can be a long and comfortable one.

Keep it Clean

Want to keep your mattress clean for as long as possible? Keep it protected and maintain its freshness with a waterproof mattress protector.

Some mattress protectors can help relieve sleepers with asthma and allergies that are triggered from dust or pets. Try a waterproof mattress protector to guard your bed against perspiration, humidity and oils as well as any other staining. You can’t throw your mattress into the wash, but you can easily remove and wash a mattress protector to keep that “like new” condition lasting for longer.

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! 

As one of our favourite characters from Friends, Ross, once said, “Pivot!”. These wise words apply to more than just moving furniture around; your mattress needs to be rotated too. Consider the type of mattress you have when determining how often as well as how to rotate it. The design of modern mattresses mean that they no longer need to be flipped over, only rotated from end to end.

Much like with shoes, your mattress has a wearing-in period. During the first two to three months of use, try rotating it every few weeks with the help of a friend. Once your mattress has been broken in, a 180-degree rotation every couple of months will allow the surface of your mattress to be broken in evenly.

Watch Out for Little Monkeys

Trampoline? Mattress? Same thing! Right?

If your little ones are anything like ours, they’ll be eager to bounce up and down on a mattress every morning. While we wish we had the same energy without the need for caffeine, jumping or standing on the bed could damage the mattress and more importantly, isn’t safe.

Mattress in a Box

An easy to transport solution, Mattress in a box are great for a quick and easy take-home option. As these mattresses come rolled and compressed, it’s important to leave them out for up to 48 hours before use. This will allow the internal components to completely decompress for a peaceful night’s sleep. Once your mattress has been decompressed, try to avoid bending or folding it.

Lay A Good Foundation

Your mattress supports you just as much as a base supports it. Investing in a good quality bed frame or mattress base will make all the difference in maximising the longevity of your new mattress. Make sure your base is strong enough to support you and your mattress. Need a new ensemble base? Take a look at our ranges.

May 07, 2020 — Taylor Lees

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